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  • Digital Fiji | C&C Solutions

    OUR WORK The digitalFIJI is the Fijian Government’s DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION PROGRAMME. It is a programme to implement a number of government applications, enhance the overall ICT infrastructure and build and develop capacity in digital transformation in the government.

  • Mini ERP | C&C Solutions

    MINI ERP IBIS Mini ERP is a fully integrated web-based ERP package with comprehensive features and functionalities to handle accounting, finance, inventory and supply chain management. This solution for the precise needs of small and mid-sized businesses involved in distribution, retail and services. PURCHASING MANAGEMENT With Purchase Management, you can reduce inventory levels, improve on-time deliveries, enhance your cash flow, and increase your profit levels.” It’s a far better solution than leaving delivery tracking and supplier management to employees which highly prone to human error. Suppliers Purchase orders Goods receivable notes (GRN) Supplier invoices, with received items and GL items Supplier price lists. Conversion factor in purchasing prices Payment terms. Attachment of scanned documents INVENTORY MANAGEMENT Inventory management allows you to properly plan your replenishment orders , Provide inventory visibility to supply chain partners and state inventory accurately in financial department. Items Item categories Item locations Price lists also in various currencies Automatic calculation of prices from home currency and base sales type settings Adjustments Location transfers Re-order levels (option: e-notification when stocks are below re-orders levels) Attachment of scanned documents Item kit sets for order/sales speed up FIX ASSET MANAGEMENT Keeping current records on the condition of your assets will also give you a chance to determine the best asset disposal method. Automate Depreciation and Knowing where your assets fall in their useful life cycle can simplify the process of purchase planning Fixed Assets Master Depreciation Methods Declining Balance Straight Line Sum of Year Digits & One-Time. Fixed Assets Locations Fixed Assets Categories Fixed Assets purchase transaction Fixed Assets Location transfer transaction Fixed Assets Disposal transaction Fixed Assets sales transaction Fixed Assets Depreciation transaction SALES MANAGEMENT Sales Management module allow you to manage inventory more effectively and provide critical information that helps sales reps to make accurate forecasts. In addition to that this module helps to develop a sense of control by covering the aspects like sales Operation, Sales strategy and analysis Customers Customer branches Sales quotations (with inquiry and creating of sales orders) Sales orders (can be printed as quotes) Delivery to invoice Direct delivery Separation of customer invoice issue and goods delivery. Invoicing Batch invoicing Recurrent invoices Credit notes Sales persons, sales areas and sales types Sales order inquiry​ Shipping companies FINANCE MANAGEMENT This module provides the insight to maximise your profits in the short term and to grow your capital value in the long term.The feature of this module leads to a transparency of figures and supports a real understanding of the numbers in your business. Accounts Receivable Account Payable General Ledger with Budget Chart of Account Currency and Exchange Rate DCN (Debit Credit Note) Finance Year Rollover Bank accounts reconciliation USER MANAGEMENT Information security is a one of a important aspect of any organization. This module allows you to manage information flows to the right person at the right time. Manage user creation Manage delete user Manage authentication and security Manage user roles and application privileges Manage user profiles Manage passwords MIS REPORTS Descriptive and Diagnostic insight is a one of the key areas of business operation. This module will provide the answer for the questions like What is happening? How many? how often? , where? , What happened? And What exactly is the problem? Of you daily business operations. GENERAL LEDGER MODULE INQUIRIES AND REPORTS Journal Inquiry Tax Inquiry Tax Inquiry (cash Basis) Trial Balance Balance Sheet Profit and Loss Chart of accounts List of Journal Entries GL accounts transactions Tax report Audit Trail Tax details report CASH BOOK MODULE INQUIRIES AND REPORTS Payment register Bank Statement Bank Statement with Reconcile Cash Flow statement ACCOUNT PAYABLE MODULE INQUIRIES AND REPORTS Purchase Order Inquiry Supplier Transaction Inquiry Supplier Allocation Inquiry Supplier Balances Aged Supplier Analyses Payment Report Outstanding GRNs Report Supplier details Listing Print purchase orders Print remittances Cheque printing FIXED ASSET INQUIRES AND REPORTS Fixed Assets movements Fixed assets inquiry Fixed assets Valuation report ACCOUNT RECEIVABLE MODULE INQUIRIES AND REPORTS Sales quotation Inquiry Sales order Inquiry Customer Transaction Inquiry Customer Allocation Inquiry Customer Balances Aged Customer Analysis Customer details listing Sales Summary Report Price Listing Order status Listing Salesman Listing Print invoice Print Credit notes Print Deliveries Print Statements Print Sales Orders Print Sales Quotation Print Receipts INVENTORY CONTROL MODULE INQUIRIES AND REPORTS Inventory item Movements Inventory Item Status Inventory Valuation Report Inventory Planning Report Stock Check Sheet Inventory Sales Report GRN Valuation Report Inventory Purchasing Report Item sales summary Report Inventory History Report Dated Stock Sheet MANUFACTURE MODULE INQUIRIES AND REPORTS Costed Bill Of material Inquiries Inventory Items Where Used Inquiry Work order Inquiry Bill Of Material Listing Work order Listing Print Work Order OTHER SOLUTIONS HUMAN CAPITAL MANAGEMENT (HR) PAYROLL POINT OF SALE HELP - DESK BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE AND ANALYTICS DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT WEBSITE AND WEB BASED APPLICATION MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT BUSINESS PROCESS REENGINEERING VEHICLE TRACKING SYSTEM

  • Vinod Patel | C&C Solutions

    OUR WORK Vinod Patel is among the largest hardware companies in the South Pacific offering quality products, reliable services and customized solutions to all customers.

  • Mankiwwa | C&C Solutions

    The ManKiwwa, app supports a variety of situations including personal emergencies, while it also helps citizens to report other incidents in day to day life. The biggest barrier for authorities to help citizens is the, disconnect between them and the citizens. By bridging this gap with ManKiwwa, authorities’ can swiftly engage multiple types of resources to manage and address different types of incidents at fraction of time. Read More

  • MOHCD | C&C Solutions

    OUR WORK The Ministry of Housing and Community Development (MHCD) is responsible for strategy, policy, funding assistance, monitoring and regulation of Fiji’s housing system.

  • Asco Motors | C&C Solutions

    OUR WORK Asco Motors is an automobile industry in Fiji that distributes a range of automobile and marine products in Fiji, which include Toyota passenger vehicles as well as light and heavy commercial vehicles, Yamaha Outboards, Motorbikes, Scooters and Generators, Massey Ferguson Tractors and Bridgestone Tyres and Batteries.

  • Web-Development | C&C Solutions

    Built for Experience We’ve got a dedicated team of web developers ready to work with you to make your business accessible through an engaging and functional website. We build sites using the very best open source platforms keeping your business secure and at the cutting-edge of technology. Your website should be designed and developed to engage your audiences, drive conversions and support your organization’s goals. Graphic Design Custom website design, branding theme, custom infographic and interactive design elements. Designs are created to provide optimal functionality and conveyance of your brand and message. Responsive Design Mobile devices are being utilized more than ever for online business. Responsive design ensures a seamless transition for your users between all types of devices, including desktops, tablets and smartphones. Website Development No matter the size and scope of your project, our developers will create an effective website for you that meets your needs and advances your goals. E-Commerce Development We offer a range of solutions for your e-commerce objectives and needs, and we are well-versed in platforms like Woo Commerce, Shopify, Magneto and more. Whichever solution works best for you, our team will build a site that provides a positive customer experience and generates revenue. App Development Mobile apps for iOS and Android devices that give your customers added convenience and value. iOS and Android applications encourages further user engagement and can be a dynamic aspect of your business strategy. Multimedia We work closely with business partners who specialise in photography and video production. We will help navigate through strategy, storyboarding and execution phases so that your story complements your brand and engages your target audiences. Database Integration Our development experts can handle all your database integration needs and requirements. Intranets & Extranets Your website can also serve as a hub for internal and external communications. Our team will work with you to build the ideal communication infrastructure for your organization. Fixing Websites We fix old or unfinished websites. Don’t feel like you’re stuck with a less-than-ideal website.

  • Web Development | C&C Solutions

    Web Design, SEO & Web Development TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS Result-Oriented Web Design We don't just design a website for you. We create an online enquiry generation platform for your business that results in more sales and faster growth! Bespoke Website Development Our cutting-edge and dynamic web development service is ideal for small to medium scale projects with complex and bespoke requirements SEO & Digital Marketing You need a better digital marketing strategy if your target customers can't find you easily! We are experts in growing your client base through SEO, PPC and more! E-Commerce Websites We build Powerful & Secure e-Commerce websites for your online business. Your beautifully crafted e-com website can be fully managed from the integrated CMS. At C&C Solutions we’ve got a dedicated team of web developers ready to work with you to make your business accessible through an engaging and functional website. We are passionate about creating cutting-edge strategies and solutions that help brands build valuable engagement. We specialize in websites, apps and digital products that are backed by data-driven design. Contact Us Today For a Web Development Quote Or a 15 Min FREE Consultation with one of our Designers! CONTACT US RESPONSIVE DESIGN Best Web Development Approach We specialize in giving you contemporary designs with the highest user- experience. ​ Responsive and FluidDesign Responsive designs will work seamlessly on all sizes and types of devices whether mobile, tablet or desktop on Windows and Mac systems. ​ Modern UI/UX & Responsive Content resizes along with the website elements and layouts according to the device size being viewed on. OUR WEB DEVELOPMENT SERVICES eCommerce functionality Database driven websites Brochure website creation Website backend login creation Social media integration and sharing Booking and payment systems and integrations SEO best practices so you can be found more easily Content management system integration for easy content upload and distribution OUR APPROACH A BRIEF LOOK AT OUR WEB DESIGN PROCESS Research Before we start any project, we work extra hard to understand the domain and goals. This ensures accurate data. Design The visual side of your website plays a key role in converting your site audience to customers. That's why we need to make sure your site will attract their attention Development Each project is different and that's why we work with a verity of technologies. Our team of web developers will ensure your website is functional and presentable Testing Before we go live, we provide a demo link for your access. We also provide any training that is necessary. We'll address any feedback you have before finally launching the site Launch & Maintenance Launching the project is just the beginning, there are more challenges ahead & C&C will be with you to help deal with them OUR WORKS The following are a few representative samples of our vast portfolio of website designs we have done for many clients.

  • Pacific Centre for peace building | C&C Solutions

    OUR WORK Pacific Centre for peace building is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that offers a range of tailor made services in the areas of peace building, restorative justice, stress and trauma awareness and healing, conflict analysis, prevention and resolution.